I cannot go one day without fangirling about these lovely ladies so I made a Tumblr so I could do just that and not be judged. That is the Story Of My Life....Yes... That was a One Direction reference.


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Boyfriend, yes my boyfriend

Don’t tell me if you like it

Don’t tell me if you don’t

Just stop obsessing over delusions

Camren is not gonna happen, you already know

Haha I’m not crying I’m dating you know

My boyfriend, boyfriend, yes I have a boyfriend

Yes I have a boyfriend, stop making assumptions

Keep talking it’s cool ‘cause I already told you

Pff I’m gonna do a twitlonger right now

I don’t like girls I just think they are

Hot as some guys, what’s wrong with that?

Yes I have a boyfriend and I’ll never let him go

Keep him on my photographs to make sure that you know

And he can be an asshole or everything he wants

But now I have a boyfriend, so please leave me alone

Please leave me alone

So give him a chance

'Cause I'm sure I don't like girls

I just need to be close and pretend with my boyfriend

If I was a man, Camila I would kiss you girl

I would grab your hands… (wait, I’m straight)

Yes I have a boyfriend and I’ll never let him go

Keep him on my photographs to make sure that you know

And he can be an asshole or everything he wants

But now I have a boyfriend so please leave me alone

Please leave me alone

Nanana, nanana, nanana boyfriend

Nanana, nanana, nanana not a girlfriend no

Nanana, nanana, nanana so get over it

Nanana, nanana, nanana yes I have a boyfriend

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                              “And the cynics were outraged
                               Screaming, “This is absurd!”
                        Cause for a moment a band of thieves
                        In ripped up jeans got to rule the world”

This needs to be said (read if you can, please)

All of this negative energy about the Austin tour needs to stop. I really don’t like to sound preachy but maybe I will touch someone, I don’t know. No matter what we do, what we say, how we feel, this tour is happening. All we do when we engage and partake in rude and unnecessary conflict is hurt the people we are there for in the first place. The fact that people brought signs with a disrespectful comment is completely obnoxious. Fifth Harmony would not think its cute. Newsflash, Fifth Harmony and Austin are friends. If the two artists did not like each other they would not have been put on tour together. The only people that are fighting is the fandoms and its ridiculous. For me, a concert is a place of escape. While I am at a concert I can forget about any stress or trouble in my life and just lose myself in the music and have fun. That to me is what concerts are for. So I hope that people can be civilized and just enjoy themselves. Its okay to be there for 5h or be there for Austin but use your common sense and think before you do or say something. Music is one of the most universal creations and we can love whatever type of music we want to. Why waste your time bashing on a type of music or artist that you by all means do not have to like! As fandoms why do we have to be so hateful? We should get along so easily because we are all there for the same reason. We all love music. Its doesn’t matter what type. We are all there to listen to music and have a bomb ass diggity time. Just because people are ignorant and say hateful comments over the internet like the coward they are doesn’t mean we should be mean to an Artist or entire fandom. I don’t know about ya’ll but I know that when I go to my venue I am going to buy myself a soda and enjoy myself. Nothing is going ruin my fun, I won’t allow it. With all of that said I hope you have a great day/night. And to those at the concert tonight, have an amazing and unforgettable time. Remember to love yourselves. Love yah guys!

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Me when people say Fifth Harmony will flop….